Little Hats, Big Hearts: February Babies Fight Heart Disease

baby in red hatNYPLawrence via Twitter
Newborns all around the country are getting into the Valentine's Day spirit. Or, more accurately, the American Heart Month spirit. To raise awareness about heart disease—the no. 1 cause of death among Americans and the leading cause of birth defects—the American Heart Association is busy knitting. This February marks the third annual Little Hats, Big Hearts project,... Read more

How Paternity Leave Benefits Mom's Career

Dad holding babyShutterstock
If moms want to climb the corporate ladder, more dads are going to have to start taking paternity leave. That's the takeaway from a new report by the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the consulting firm EY. This study analyzed data from almost 22,000 companies in 91 countries, and found companies that offer... Read more

Watch This Mom Use An Exercise Ball To Induce Labor

exercise balliStock
Whether it’s performing the “Thriller” dance or busting out the “Tootsie Roll,” moms-to-be have no problem dancing to the beat when they are anxious to meet their babies, performing some some tried-and-true dance moves in efforts to induce labor. But at 41.5 weeks pregnant, one UK woman opted for a method with... Read more

Listen To Radio DJ Broadcast His Baby's Birth

We've seen a father tweet his way through labor and delivery. We've watched another document the experience with a selfie. But a St. Louis radio DJ is upping the game, streaming a live broadcast of his baby's birth. Brandon Luttman, executive producer at 106.5 The Arch, had to leave the studio early... Read more

Happy Chinese New Year! Predictions For Year Of The Monkey Babies

baby wearing monkey hatShutterstock
Happy Chinese New Year! Today kicks off the Year of the Monkey, arguably the most nursery-friendly Chinese zodiac. Wondering if that actually bodes well for baby? Feng shui master Chen Shuaifu says yes. "It's a good year for people to give birth and to look for love," Shuaifu, chairman of the China Fengshui Association, tells Read more

Step Aside, Barbie: Ken Gets A Makeover Too

new, realistic ken doll designsLyst
You knew it was coming. But did you know it would be so great? On the newly-diversified plastic heels of the redesigned Barbie doll comes a reimagined Ken. While these Ken variations are just mockups and completely unassociated with Mattel, people are celebrating (and laughing at) this push for gender equality. With the... Read more

Yes, Even Babies Need Super Bowl Tickets

baby holding footballShutterstock
With the 2016 Super Bowl just around the corner, scoring tickets is no easy task, even for NFL players. Each player is allotted 15 tickets at a cost of $1,800 each. Unfortunately for Broncos punter Britton Colquitt, newborn babies are no exception to this rule. Colquitt just welcomed a new addition to his family last week,... Read more

The Debate Around The CDC’s New Alcohol Recommendation

friends drinkingShutterstock
For many women, pregnancy and abstaining from drinking alcohol go hand in hand. Numerous studies have connected drinking during pregnancy with an increased risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) and there is no known safe level of alcohol that is safe to consume when you’re expecting. In an effort to reduce the number of... Read more

Dolce & Gabbana's New Fashion Line Celebrates Multicultural And Gay Parents

Dolce & Gabbana family purseInstagram
Too little, too late? In perhaps too overt a reference to the controversy the designers stirred last year, Dolce & Gabbana just unveiled a new line featuring same-sex couples with young children. Need a quick refresher of 2015's saga? In an interview with Italian news magazine Panorama, the designers, who dated for 23 years, stated,... Read more

Youngest Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated

conjoined twins after surgeryEPA
Against all odds–99 percent of odds, to be exact—8-day-old conjoined twins have been separated in Switzerland, making them the youngest and smallest duo to successfully undergo the surgery. Lydia and Maya, born at the Inselspital hospital in Bern, Switzerland, in December, were scheduled to have the surgery a few months later when they were stronger... Read more