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6 Times Dads Played Hero In These Surprise Births

Dad holding baby | Getty | blog.thebump.comGetty
The plan is usually to go to the hospital. But when babies are involved, plans can change fast. That's what one UK dad learned when his partner went into labor, never making it past their living room floor.

Martin Boyce, a part-time photographer, planned to document the birth from the hospital. When his fiancée Holly...

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7 Birth Photos That Clinched Top Honors (NSFW)

pregnant woman laboring in the showerApple Blossom Families
As every mom knows, birth can be emotional, messy, unpredictable and exciting, but it is always beautiful, no matter how baby arrives. The International Association for Professional Birth Photographers captured that reality, announcing the winners of its 2016 Image Competition. IAPBP founder Lyndsay Stradtner says this is the fifth year the IAPBP has held the contest.... Read more

Listen To Radio DJ Broadcast His Baby's Birth

We've seen a father tweet his way through labor and delivery. We've watched another document the experience with a selfie. But a St. Louis radio DJ is upping the game, streaming a live broadcast of his baby's birth. Brandon Luttman, executive producer at 106.5 The Arch, had to leave the studio early... Read more

A Microbe Wipe Could Bridge The Gap Between Vaginal And C-Section Deliveries

What's so special about vaginal birth? Without getting too graphic, babies who pass through the birth canal are covered with their mother's fluid, receiving microbes that are especially beneficial to immune system development. This is what c-section babies are missing out on. So, as a team of researchers from NYU Langone Medical Center decided, why... Read more

Life-Size Dolls Simulate Labor And Delivery

doctors tending to labor dollSimMom via YouTube
At first glance, these life-size dolls are terrifying. And at second glance too. But the purpose of SimMom isn't to make childbirth look pretty or easy. It's to help doctors prepare for a smooth delivery, even with all sorts of complications that can occur along the way. The birth simulation tool can mimic... Read more

Birth Photographer Captures All The Emotions of Childbirth (Video)

J&B Photography
A full year of capturing a woman's most emotional moments—the ones during and right after her baby arrives—would leave some people emotionally drained. But not Jessie and Bree, the ladies behind J&B Photography. The Los Angeles-based birth and newborn photographers have just completed their first full year photographing "Birth Stories," and they put together... Read more

Having A 'Big Baby'? Read This Before Delivery

Doctor checking pregnant woman with stethoscopeShutterstock
Call it 'baby-dismorphia'; many moms-to-be perceive their babies to be dangerously big. But a new study offers reassurance: your eight-and-a-half pounder is totally normal. The Boston University study, published in Maternal and Child Health Journal, found that nearly a third of women report being told by healthcare providers that their babies might be "quite... Read more

Dad Delivers Baby at Home, Tweets Play-By-Play Of Entire Experience

home birth Tweet saga babyMarco Rogers via Twitter
It's hard to really understand the birthing process until you've actually experienced it. And emergency home birth scenarios? Those are even harder to envision yourself going through. But buckle up: One dad is taking Twitter users on a crazy, graphic, hilarious, thorough and ultimately inspiring journey of his wife's unexpected home birth. And thanks to... Read more

Home Births Are Perfectly Safe For Low-Risk Moms

pregnant woman laying on bedXunbin Pan
Considering a home birth? Worried something could go wrong? While preparation is extremely important, new research shows that for women with low-risk pregnancies, a planned home birth may result in fewer interventions and better outcomes than hospital births. "Compared with women who planned to birth in hospital, women who planned to birth at home underwent... Read more

Childbirth Is More Like A Sport Than You Think

illustration of trophies on shelfShutterstock
Having a baby is grueling. It takes effort, focus, and of course, perseverance. And the University of Michigan is giving it a well-deserved label: a sport. Kind of. Based on the fact that childbirth can be so traumatic -- and the fact that 15 percent of women experience pelvic injuries that don't heal --... Read more