7 Birth Photos That Clinched Top Honors (NSFW)

pregnant woman laboring in the showerApple Blossom Families
As every mom knows, birth can be emotional, messy, unpredictable and exciting, but it is always beautiful, no matter how baby arrives. The International Association for Professional Birth Photographers captured that reality, announcing the winners of its 2016 Image Competition. IAPBP founder Lyndsay Stradtner says this is the fifth year the IAPBP has held the contest.... Read more

Christmas Lights Guide New Parents To Deliver Baby In Car

Christmas lights along the highwayShutterstock
Rudolph may guide Santa’s sleigh, but it was a house’s Christmas spirit that helped guide one family’s new baby into the world. Michigan couple Carla and Bill Hux sped through the darkness and pouring rain early on the morning of Dec. 14 after Carla, already six days past her due date with her fourth child,... Read more

Couple Delivers Baby In Car—And Films Birth With A GoPro (Video)

Lesia Pettijohn gives birth in carYouTube
Jon and Lesia Pettijohn really wanted to get the birth of their third child on film. But they didn't expect it would all be recorded inside of their car. The couple was en route to the Bay Area Birth Center in Pasadena, Texas when Lesia went into labor in the passenger seat. Using the... Read more

Saying Goodbye to Lamaze Educator Elisabeth Bing

delivery roomGetty
Obituaries aren't really our thing at The Bump. But Friday's passing of 100 year-old Elisabeth Bing, a childbirth pioneer, has us revisiting the history of the method she promoted so tirelessly: Lamaze. While working as a physical therapist in London, Bing observed that childbirth was being treated more like a disease than something to be celebrated.... Read more

A New Position for Childbirth?

woman in laborVeer
Don't get too confident in your Lamaze training; new research is challenging a routine childbirth practice. According to a study published in the February issue of the journal Anesthesiology, there may be a better way to position women during labor. Right now, most OBs and anesthesiologists place women on their sides,... Read more

The Hospital Where You Give Birth Matters

Photo: Shutterstock
No matter how well you prepare yourself for giving birth, there's (unfortunately) always the chance that something could go wrong. For the 13 percent of women in the United States who face obstetrical complications, this is is the case. What's the main reason for these complications? According to a study conducted at the University of... Read more

Some Babies Deemed Overweight or Underweight at Birth Really Aren’t. Here’s Why

sleeping newborniStock
A recent study, conducted by Dr. Joel Ray of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, has concluded that birthweight can be influenced by both maternal and paternal ethnicity. It's no secret that a baby's birthweight is an important predictor of how he'll handle the first few weeks of life. But you may not know that the way birthweight... Read more

Surprised Marathon Running Mom Gives Birth – And She Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant!

The Bump / Thinkstock
Once upon a time, in Duluth, Minnesota, a busy mom of five (five!) named Trish Staine was in the middle of training for a half-marathon. (Where she found time for this is unknown). At 33 and super fit, her youngest being 7 and her oldest (stepchild) being 20, kids were not part of her future... Read more

Your Pregnancy Workout Routine Could Lower Your Risk of a C-Section Birth

Photo: Veer / The Bump
Exercising while pregnant may be another way to avoid a C-section birth. A new study conducted by Spanish researchers at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid finds reduced medical intervention during delivery among the many benefits of regular exercise throughout pregnancy. The study followed nearly 300 women from the first trimester through... Read more

Babies Born on 12/12/12 Share a Rare, Special Bond

Photo: Fox / The Bump
Yesterday marked a special day for new parents all over the country. According to reports, several couples welcomed their little bundles into the world at exactly 12:12 on 12/12/12 -- how fun! So far, here's what we know: In Auburn Township, Ohio, Frank and Cierra Smith and big brother Caden welcomed daughter Forever Cierra Cotrice... Read more