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7 Birth Photos That Clinched Top Honors (NSFW)

pregnant woman laboring in the showerApple Blossom Families
As every mom knows, birth can be emotional, messy, unpredictable and exciting, but it is always beautiful, no matter how baby arrives. The International Association for Professional Birth Photographers captured that reality, announcing the winners of its 2016 Image Competition. IAPBP founder Lyndsay Stradtner says this is the fifth year the IAPBP has held the contest.... Read more

Birth Photographer Captures All The Emotions of Childbirth (Video)

J&B Photography
A full year of capturing a woman's most emotional moments—the ones during and right after her baby arrives—would leave some people emotionally drained. But not Jessie and Bree, the ladies behind J&B Photography. The Los Angeles-based birth and newborn photographers have just completed their first full year photographing "Birth Stories," and they put together... Read more

Instagram Makes Things Right After Taking Down Birthing Photographer's Pics

Couple toasting water birthMelissa Jean Photography
Just a quick scroll through Australian photographer Melissa Jean Wilbraham's Instagram -- MelissaJeanBabies -- reveals photos of motherhood ranging from glamorous to graphic. From breastfeeding to home births, she shares it all. But Instagram didn't seem to approve; it deactivated her account. As the official baby photographer of Australia's The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, Wilbraham wasn't just... Read more

Incredible Photos of Babies Born Seconds Out of the Womb

baby seconds after c-sectionChristian Berthelot via Huffington Post
A baby's debut into the world is overwhelming, emotional, memorable — these are just a few inadequate words parents use to describe having a baby. Now an eye-opening  photo series captures those palpable first moments (blood and all) when babies make their arrival. French photographer Christian Berthelot photographed C-section babies during their first seconds... Read more