Seeing Double? Watch Baby’s Reaction To Seeing Dad’s Twin

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There’s something alarming about seeing double, especially when it’s completely unexpected. And the ability to create this chaos and confusion is the greatest super power of twins.

New dad Stephen Ratpojanakul and his twin brother Michael decided to put their powers of trickery to the test with 16-month-old baby Reed. Buzzfeed reports that yes, Reed had met uncle Michael before, but he usually wears glasses, and dad does not. As the brothers pass Reed back and forth, he quickly becomes confused. “Dada?” he asks. Which one?

Sound cruel? Reed’s a seasoned professional when it comes to telling twins apart; his mother, Carroll, is also a twin. And Reed’s able to pick her out, every time.

“No matter how identical they are, a baby always knows his mama,” Stephen says.

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