Watch Babywearing Moms Line Dance To Sugar Ray

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Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you love to do. It just means finding a way to bring your family’s new addition along for the ride. We’ve seen a babywearing pole dancer, some babywearing barre patrons, and most recently, a “breasterciser.” But it’s the latest fad that’s really making us smile: babywearing line dancing.

KangaGroove, a San Diego dance studio founded in July 2015, is dedicated to babywearing dance classes. And the feel-good line dancing routine set to Sugar Ray’s “Fly” is gaining the small local studio some global attention.

KangaGroove founders, married couple Meeshi Ravi Anjali and Amber Anjali, expressed their overwhelmed sense of gratitude on Facebook.

“Wow, we have literally spent the last 12 hours responding to emails from countries such as England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Eastern and Western Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada and all across the United States. If you love our videos and want to see us offer KangaGroove classes in your part of the world, please donate below. We would love to be able to shift from doing this as a part-time hobby to making it our full life’s work.”

This part-time hobby was born through a combination of the couple’s passions: Meeshi has taught and studied multicultural dancing for over 20 years, and Amber is a doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, postnatal yoga instructor and nanny. The duo will soon be able to try the full KangaGroove experience for themselves: they have a baby boy on the way. 

KangaGroove dance instructors expecting baby boy