Ken Dolls Join Barbie With Realistic Makeovers

new, realistic ken doll designs Lyst

You knew it was coming. But did you know it would be so great? On the newly-diversified plastic heels of the redesigned Barbie doll comes a reimagined Ken. While these Ken variations are just mockups and completely unassociated with Mattel, people are celebrating (and laughing at) this push for gender equality.

With the help of graphic designer Jamie Phillips, fashion e-commerce site Lyst unveiled designs for Beach DadBod Ken, Bearded Hipster Ken and Balding Ken, to name a few. While we have a feeling this was a facetious endeavor, Lyst editorial director Katherine Ormerod maintains that boys also need realistic toys.

“Men need plastic role models too,” Ormerod told Mashable. “Ken has been a top menswear influencer for over 50 years, but like Barbie, he needs a makeover every now and again. We’ve been inundated with requests for us to produce and sell the dolls, which gives a real insight into the appeal of the more diverse Kens. Hipster Ken seems to be the favorite by a long way. We think it might be down to the pin-up Barbie tattoo on his forearm.”

Lyst analyzed the most popular men’s fashion products, and their sizes, purchased in 2015. “The new Ken dolls reflect the modern man’s real appearance, plus real fashion tastes,” the Lyst team tells PEOPLE.

We took it upon ourselves to pair off these new Ken and Barbie dolls. Because if toys are going to be gender-blind, toy love should be blind too. Here goes our foray into matchmaking.


Barbie and Ken couple

The preppiest pair in the toy store


Hipster Barbie and Ken couple

A match made in Brooklyn

Beach ken couple

Occupation: Going to the beach

classy ken couple

Their fashion-forward Instagrams will make you jealous


What do you think? We’ll consider following up with mockups of their cute Barbie and Ken babies down the road.