Need To Decode Baby's Cries? There's An App For That

newborn cryingVeer
Hungry cry? Wet cry? Your baby's trying to tell you something. And scientists from the National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin have a pretty good idea of what that something is. A team of researchers spent two years creating the Infant Cries Translator App to help parents differentiate between four distinct types of baby cries: hungry, in pain, sleepy... Read more

Dad Turns Baby Into A Snapchat Superhero

snapchat baby spidermanSnapDad
In a world where cute babies always make for excellent Snapchats, one dad is swooping in to make pictures of his adorable son even more extraordinary. Snapdad, also known as Belgian graphic designer Lukas Costeur, doodles on Snapchat photos of his newborn son, Felix, turning him into the world's cutest cartoon in each one. This little hero's scenes are shared on the Read more

The Best (And Worst) Breastfeeding Moments Of 2015

baby breastfeeding sodaPediatric Society of Rio Grande
It’s been an interesting year to be a boob, to own one or two of them and to try to use them to produce food for a baby. Women all over the place are doing the daily diligence of reclaiming the normalcy of breastfeeding—in public, in private, on a yacht, in a wooded glen filled... Read more

All Signs Point To Pregnancy: Deaf Husband Gets Big Surprise

husband discovers positive pregnancy testYouTube
Brittany Welch didn't waste any time figuring out how to surprise her husband with the big news once she found out she was pregnant. After getting a positive read that day, she wrapped the pregnancy test in tissue paper, making her husband, David, dig through a bag of goodies to get to it. Read more

The Most Pin-spirational Baby Showers Of 2015

watercolor welcome baby cardEmily Henderson
Get ready to save to your board. This year’s batch of baby showers were filled with gorgeous details and unique touches you’re not going to want to forget. From a storybook-themed soiree thrown for a stylish blogger to a camp out-inspired party that could only come from the Kardashians, these are the celebrations filled with... Read more

Home Births Are Perfectly Safe For Low-Risk Moms

pregnant woman laying on bedXunbin Pan
Considering a home birth? Worried something could go wrong? While preparation is extremely important, new research shows that for women with low-risk pregnancies, a planned home birth may result in fewer interventions and better outcomes than hospital births. "Compared with women who planned to birth in hospital, women who planned to birth at home underwent... Read more

Babies And Bacteria: How 'Clean' Is Your Womb?

Couple holding ultrasoundShutterstock
A new study has the dirt on some unexpected pregnancy physiology; the womb isn't so sterile after all. Previously, doctors were taught that the amniotic sac was a bacteria-free environment, protecting baby and his undeveloped immune system. They believed baby first comes into contact with bacteria during vaginal birth. But recent papers published in the journal Birth Defects... Read more

The Year’s Most Buzzworthy Baby Name Trends

Max Zuckerberg in Star Wars costumeFacebook
Trends may come and go in the baby-naming world, but there’s one that seems here to stay: statement names. Just take one look back at 2015, a year that welcomed a Saint, a Sailor and a Saylor, a Rocket Zot, a Jagger Snow and a Spurgeon, and this idea is very clear. “It’s a way... Read more

Why The Type Of Toy Baby Plays With Matters

babies playing with toysShutterstock
With a fresh mountain of holiday toys sitting in your living room, now is as good a time as any to confirm that yes, the toys your kids play with matter. And the simpler they are, the better. A new article published by JAMA Pediatrics found that toddlers who play with electronic toys–anything that produces lights, words... Read more

How Baked By Melissa’s Founder Is Getting Through The Ups (And Downs) Of Her Third Trimester

melissa ben-ishay baked by melissaBaked by Melissa
Melissa Ben-Ishay is the President and Chief Product Officer of the New York City-based dessert company Baked by Melissa. When Ben-Ishay was fired from her job in advertising in 2008, she decided to do what she loved—to offer consumers the ultimate dessert experience. With the idea that people should be able to taste... Read more