Holiday Shopping Inspiration: Princess Charlotte's Stuffed Animal

Princess Charlotte playing with dog stuffed animalInstagram
As Cyber Monday wraps up and the holiday season begins in earnest, we have a new toy to add to your list: a Fuddlewuddle. The stuffed animal, made by British company Jellycat, is similar to a Beanie Baby. And the Fuddlewuddle puppy ($17-$45, depending on size) is clearly a toy fit for a little... Read more

What's The Riskiest Day Of The Week To Give Birth?

mom and baby in hospital roomShutterstock
The "weekend effect:" urban legend or a bonafide trend? This idea that patients admitted to the hospital on weekends have worse outcomes than those admitted on weekdays now has research -- geared specifically to mom and baby -- to back it. Still, that doesn't mean you should panic if you go into labor on a Saturday or... Read more

The Sleepy Santa Photos You'll Want To Replicate

Santa and baby sleepingFacebook
A timeless tradition or a holiday hassle? The younger the baby, the less likely your photo session with Santa will end, well, merrily. But one Santa Claus embraced the challenge when a toddler fell asleep before getting the chance to ask for everything on his Christmas list. Rather than the risk of sending the toddler into a... Read more

11 Year Old Helps Mom Deliver Baby, Then Goes To School

Big sister Caitlin kissing baby ElsaBirmingham Mail
Caitlin Burke wants to be a midwife when she grows up. And at only 11 years old, the UK native has already logged some experience. Caitlin's mom, Tara, started having contractions early Tuesday morning just minutes after her partner left the house. But 10 minutes later, her water broke, and based on her experiences delivering... Read more

Thanksgiving Leftovers Done Right

bacon and pea risottoThe Nest
Let's be real: right now, you're either picking at cold pie or contemplating never eating again. Not to fear; this perpetual fullness will pass, and you'll actually want these Thanksgiving leftover recipes. Pea and Bacon Risotto Toss those leftover peas into this savory, bacon-topped comfort food courtesy of food blogger, Stephanie Le. Read more

Mom Shows Off Her #BadassUndies To Fight Post-Baby Body Shaming

badass undies selfieMel Rymill via Facebook
Some women are eager to get back to their pre-baby exercise routines after giving birth, while it’s not a priority for others. Either way, it’s hard to deny the pressures that many women face practically the minute after that baby arrives. And one woman is fed up with the assumption that weight loss should be... Read more

Extreme Exercise During Pregnancy: How Much Is Too Much?

pregnant woman doing headstand during yogaYouTube
Recommendations for exercise during pregnancy are vague, and generally quite conservative so as to prevent any undue stress on the pregnancy or the expectant mom. Official medical position on the subject has been revised in recent years, however, to encourage more activity during pregnancy. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends... Read more

Carrie Underwood's Son Helps Her Workout

Carrie Underwood working out with babyInstagram
Finding the perfect workout partner can be tough. Ideally, you’d want someone that could keep up with your pace, make you laugh and motivate you to do better. Well, although he can't vocalize those encouraging words just yet, Carrie Underwood seems to have found the perfect solution—working out with baby! New parents struggling... Read more

Toddler Recites Periodic Table To Ellen: 'My Little Brain Just Remembers'

Toddler reciting periodic table of elements on EllenEllenTube via Facebook
Prepare to be amazed by Brielle, a 3 year old, purple-loving, pigtail-wearing cutie who took some time out of her busy toddler schedule to drop by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and recite some elements from the periodic table. You know, just a normal childhood activity. “She’s either really smart or just a complete show off,”... Read more

Could Crib Bumpers Soon Be Banned?

crib with bumpers in pink nurseryShutterstock
That cute, padded, crib decor? Totally unnecessary and totally dangerous. You may already know that the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission considers crib bumpers a big no-no, citing reports that 52 infants died from bumper-related incidents between 1990 and 2010. Yet a new study found bumper deaths have spiked in recent years, prompting researchers to call... Read more