20 Maternity Halloween Costumes

Solar system pregnancy Halloween costume Modern Kiddo

Who says Halloween is no fun when you’re pregnant?  You might be thinking your growing belly isn’t very costume compatible, it opens up an entirely new world of hilarious, bold and brilliant costume options that are sure to bump up your Halloween game. Check out some of our favorites below!


1. Saturday Night (Baby) Fever

Girl dressed as disco ball


With your Tony Manero by your side, glitz up your baby bump and boogie the night away.


2. Mother Of Pearl

Mother dressed in oyster costume


Dress your baby bump up like the treasure it is!


3. Beer Belly

Woman dressed in beer belly costume

Flickr: littlelovemonster

Let it all hang out with this hilarious ode to the beer belly. But keep the night alcohol-free.


4. Sunny Side Up Egg (With Your Breakfast Entourage)

Family dressed in breakfast costumes

The Modern Home

We’ve all had our fair share of food babies in life, so why not take it to the next level?


5. Monster’s Inc.

Pregnant woman with Monster's Inc Costume


Tired of people touching your baby bump without asking? Painting this little monster on it will be sure to scare them off.


6. Juno And Bleeker

Man and woman dressed as Juno and Bleeker


Because you’ve already got the whole pregnancy part down.


7. The Solar System (And Galileo)

Woman dressed in solar system costume and man dressed as Galileo

Modern Kiddo

Your world has been revolving around your baby bump, so why not make it the center of the entire solar system too?

8. Bun In The Oven

Woman dressed in bun in the oven costume


This is the perfect costume to let everyone know what’s cookin’.


9. Sneak Peek Of Baby

X-Ray Pregnancy Shirt







Woman wearing ultrasound belly costume


With many rounds of peek-a-boo soon to come, why not get started? An x-ray or see-through sonogram belly costume is an easy costume option for those who don’t spend too much time on Pinterest boards.


10. Wrecking Ball

Pregnant woman wearing wrecking ball costume

Costume Works

This nod to Miley’s famous music video will definitely command attention as your bump comes in the room like a wrecking ball.


11. Garden Gnome

Woman in garden gnome costume


A cute and creative way to dress like a fellow big-bellied body.


12. The Sporty Parent

Pregnant woman dressed as basketball player


The perfect opportunity for sports fans to rep their favorite teams!


13. Prego Sauce

Woman wearing a Prego Sauce costume


A huge helping of “witty” with a dash of “straightforward”.


14. Your Go-To Emoji

Woman in emoji costume


Pregnancy is a very emotional time, and what better way to express yourself than by displaying your favorite emoji on your bump?


15. Fishbowl Belly

Pregnant woman dressed as fishbowl


Your night is sure to go swimmingly if you wear this costume.


16. Gumball Machine

Woman in gum ball machine costume


No one can deny that this costume is sweet.


17. Pumpkin Patch

Woman dressed as pumpkin


Celebrate your little pumpkin with a more traditional costume.


18. The Best Nest

Man and Woman dressed in bird costumes


A costume this fly requires some serious planning, so don’t think you can just wing it.


19. As Big As A Cow

Woman dressed in cow costume

Instagram user getfit_jules

This mom-to-be is getting seriously acquainted with nursing.


20. Treasure Troll

Woman in troll costume


Throwback to these adorable trolls with an extra unique costume. (Tip: When choosing your nude colored ensemble think, ‘What would Kim K wear in her everyday life?’)