Cutest Of The Cute: Last-Minute Halloween Inspo From Celeb Babies

Molly Sim's children's Halloween costumesMolly Sims via Instagram
Halloween is the perfect excuse for parents to showcase their craftiness. And if you were a celebrity parent, you bet you'd be taking advantage of your social media presence to show off extra hard. From Pinterest-worthy costumes to store-bought princess dresses, famous moms are already sharing their kids' Halloween photos. Let's see what tricks... Read more

Antibiotic Use During Pregnancy Won’t Increase Risk Of Birth Defects: Study

pills in handShutterstock
Some reassuring news for expectant moms: If you happen to get sick during pregnancy, two common antibiotics have just been proven a-ok. Researchers from the University of Montreal and its affiliated CHU Sainte-Justine children's hospital wondered if it was a pregnant woman's infection or the antibiotics used to treat it that had the... Read more

Husband Announces Wife’s Pregnancy By Turning Her Curves Into Nature Scenes

theodor pregnancy photoshootSimon Schaffrath
Sometime in your third trimester, you’ll likely start to feel like that cute little baby bump has grown to be the size of a beach ball. Or a small private island. Or a large mountain. And you're not alone: One couple decided to document these sentiments in a photo series, incorporating the mom-to-be’s belly into... Read more

Toddlers (Sometimes) Say the Creepiest Things!

scared babyYouTube
Get out the marshmallows and bags of candy, set up a campfire, and gather 'round! Halloween is tomorrow, and nothing gets us in the Halloween spirit like a good creepy story...specifically, hilariously spooky things kids say. Bumpies are celebrating the holiday by sharing some of the freakiest things their toddlers have surprised them with, so read on...... Read more

Feeling Festive? Here's Some Pregnant Pumpkins Giving Birth

Birth Takes A Village
At The Pump and Dump: A Parentally Incorrect Comedy Show and Night Out, For Once, we love to use the term sad cake. What is are we talking about? A situation, happenstance or object that is a bit of a bummer, underwhelming and/or disappointing. Ever eaten cake that was just kind of... Read more

Toddler's 'El Nino' Halloween Costume Is The Perfect Storm

El Nino toddler Halloween costumeGlowy Zoey
There are many different levels of crafting. And we're NOT trying to put down the pumpkin suit you made (or bought) for baby. But this dad really knocked Halloween out of the park. The craziest part? The elaborate El Niño costume Royce Hutain made for his daughter Zoey isn't even her trick-or-treating costume. Complete with 98... Read more

Kansas City Royals Ben Zobrist Won't Miss World Series For Baby's Birth

Kansas City Royals's Ben Zobrist at batGetty
Two games into the World Series, the Kansas City Royals are two games ahead of the New York Mets. The stakes are high. A title's on the line. But will one player bow out, stepping up to the plate as a new dad? Midseason addition Ben Zobrist, whose postseason batting average of .347 shines above the gold... Read more

Singing Soothes Baby Better Than Talking, Study Finds

mom singing to babyShutterstock
Better practice your pitch and brush up on your lullabies; when it comes to calming baby, singing is more effective than talking. A University of Montreal study found that infants remained twice as calm when listening to a song -- that they didn't even know -- compared to when they listened to speech. "Many... Read more

One Routine Screening Test Can Zero In On More Accurate Due Date: Study

Pregnant woman who has an examinationThinkstock
Some moms are robbed of a baby shower thanks to their preemies. Others go to town on spicy food at 41 weeks in the hopes of finally inducing labor. While they sit at opposite ends of the spectrum, the takeaway is the same: Due dates are not set in stone. This is not news, of... Read more

Prepping Baby For Daylight Saving Time

baby yawningShutterstock
It's almost time for the good daylight saving. You know, the one where you gain an hour of sleep. But it's not so celebratory for new parents. They know anything that disrupts baby's sleep schedule also disrupts their sleep schedule. So how can you prepare for the Nov. 1 time change without it being a shock to... Read more