Choose The Next Lactation Pod Location: One More Day To Vote

Finalists in the Seventh Generation lactation pod vote
The votes are in! The first round, anyway. Baby care company Seventh Generation let moms decide where the next Mamava pumping and nursing pods should go, creating a crowdsourcing campaign to field location suggestions. (Haven't heard of Mamava? The pods are freestanding “lactation stations,” complete with seats, outlets and enough room for a stroller and... Read more

Ramsey The Husky Thinks He's A Baby

talking huskyYouTube
Many moms pride themselves on being in tune with their babies' different sounds and cries. But based on a video that's making the rounds, they might have to worry about their dogs throwing them for a loop. Meet Ramsey, the husky puppy who sounds remarkably like a babbling baby. At the prompting of his owner (who... Read more

These Vaccines Are Now Required For Kids Going Back To School In NY

Toddler getting vaccineShutterstock
New backpack, new sneakers and a fresh batch of school supplies -- what's missing from your child's back-to-school list? Based on new guidelines from the New York State Department of Health, vaccinations might be the answer. As of Sept. 1, an amended vaccine schedule is in place for all children in New York... Read more

Moms Forgets Baby In Shopping Cart, Internet Stands Divided

baby in shopping cartKPHO
Bringing four kids to the grocery store can be a harrowing enough experience. Imagine inadvertently leaving one behind. "I'm a good mom who made a horrible mistake," says Cherish Peterson, the Phoenix mom who left her baby strapped to a shopping cart in a grocery store parking lot last week. "As I was pulling into... Read more

You Can't Rain On This Baby's Parade

Dad holds baby in the rainYouTube
The kids are headed back to school and summer's coming to an end. It's time to focus on soaking up every last drop of the season -- rain or shine. Harper's here to give us a lesson in exactly that. Dad Don Swift uploaded a video to YouTube of his daughter experiencing rain for the first... Read more

Mom's Got Talent: 5 Skills Parents Want To Pass On To Their Kids

America's Got Talent dancing kidsAmerica's Got Talent
As a parent, you want your kids to be just like you, only better. Just like dad, you hope your little quarterback will lead the Pee Wee team all the way to States, right? Or maybe he'll get mom's ability to carry a tune and sing his way to a record deal. No dream is... Read more

A Pregnancy Announcement, As Told By Sperm And Egg

egg and sperm videoYouTube
The city of Toronto became fertile ground for one expectant couple. Jen and Calvin, respectively dressed as an egg and sperm, ran around the city to film their pregnancy announcement. The title? "Jen & Calvin's First Sex Tape." Jen -- sorry, the big pink egg -- struts around town, nonchalantly going about her... Read more

​The Hilarious Reason Why These Newborn Photo Shoots Went Viral

Dad and baby newborn photo shootGigi O'Dea Photography/Facebook
In a perfect world, your angelic new baby would curl up in a peaceful pose and sleep his way through a newborn shoot. There would probably be some sort of crochet clothing involved. These three families do not live in a perfect world. First, meet Mark Resnick and his seven-day-old son Asher. After about an hour of... Read more

Can Moms Really Have It All? Actress Lake Bell Investigates

Lake Bell likes to multitask. She leans towards wanting more and isn’t afraid to ask for help or change her mind along the way. And before giving birth to daughter Nova last October with her husband, well-known tattoo artist Scott Campbell, Bell said she couldn’t understand women who gave up their careers to be full-time... Read more

Watch Boy's Hilarious Reaction to Mom's Pregnancy: 'I Hope You're Not Joking'

Boy finds out he's going to be a big brotherFacebook
Is it the British accent? His polite articulation? His disbelief? Maybe it's the whole package, but 5-year-old Ethan's reaction to becoming a big brother might just be the best we've seen yet. "Is it in your belly? Are you really having a baby? Is it in there?" he fires off a litany of questions for mom... Read more