Colorado Mom Scolded for Packing Oreos in Lunchbox

One Colorado preschool has high standards for what goes into kids' lunchboxes. Think Oreos made the cut? Nope. When four-year-old Natalee Pearson went home last Friday, the package of Oreos her mom packed for her remained unopened in her lunchbox. And the Children's Academy in Aurora, Colo. also sent home a note for mom: Dear... Read more

Sofía Vergara's Ex Nick Loeb Speaks Out About Embryo Controversy

Sofia Vergara and Nick LoebGetty
He didn't intend for it to become publicized, but the complaint filed by Nick Loeb to protect two frozen embryos is now widespread and widely discussed. And largely because those embryos also belong to his ex-fiancée, Sofía Vergara. For the first time, Loeb is offering his side of the story. In an op-ed for... Read more

The Good, the Bad and the Gross: Real Mom Confessions

mom and baby crying
You're a total rockstar parent 99 percent of the time, but in honor of National Honesty Day, let's talk about that other 1 percent. Motherhood can be a bunch of things all at once: rewarding, frustrating, beautiful and disgusting (spit-up and diapers and stains, oh my!). We gathered some of the best Bumpie confessions that... Read more

Maternity Style Fit for a Princess

Kate Middleton style
As we twiddle our thumbs waiting for the royal baby to arrive, we're taking the time to reflect on Kate Middleton's maternity style. How does she always look so good? Her outfits sell out in minutes, and we've certainly never seen any pregnancy breakouts. We're rounding up the products that make style stalking... Read more

Study: Beat Breast Cancer By Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the greatest gifts you can give your baby, but did you know that it works wonders on your own body too? A new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that women who breastfeed have a lower risk of recurrence of the luminal A subtype of breast cancer (the most... Read more

Why Millennials Have the Lowest Birth Rates Ever

Remember that economic recession from 2007-2009? Blame it for declining birth rates among millennials. A new report says it isn't career ambitions or innovations like egg freezing that make millennial women (women in their twenties) the slowest generation to have kids in US history; it's financial hardship. Financial hardship “causes young women who aren’t worried... Read more

Where Do Babies Come From? A 7-Year-Old Explains

sophia sex talkYouTube
Dreading giving your kids The Talk? It's an incredibly tricky topic to navigate, especially if you're a gay parent. But don't worry, seven-year-old Sophia can break everything down. “If you’re a kid with two moms and you don’t know how to explain it to other kids or people, this is a video of how you can... Read more

Big News for Women on Wall Street

woman typing on laptopShutterstock
New moms on Wall Street: You're getting an extra four weeks of fully-paid maternity leave! That may be a sweeping statement. But the world’s largest private equity firm, Blackstone Group, is extending its maternity leave benefits from 12 weeks at full pay to 16 weeks in an attempt to appeal to more women. “The financial services... Read more

Mom with Cancer Inspires with Breastfeeding Photo

breastfeeding mom with cancerKate Murray Photography
Still no word on who she is, but this woman is inspiring moms everywhere. A mid-pregnancy breast cancer diagnosis necessitated a left-breast mastectomy, which made this new mom's first breastfeeding experience even more special. Florida photographer Kate Murray captured the intimate moment and shared it on her Facebook page, although the page has since been... Read more

The Pump and Dump Presents: 8 Sad Cake Princess Cakes

ariel cake failPikturePlanet
It’s National Princess Week!  Can you hear the sound of our heads exploding? According to both of our four-year-old daughters, EVERY WEEK is National Princess Week, but now we REALLY have a reason to glitter up and celebrate!  If you're sensing some sarcasm, it's because if we step on one more freaking tiara or hear... Read more