The On-Again, Off-Again Relationship With Tylenol And Pregnancy

Studies go back and forth about the safety of various pain relievers during pregnancy. Currently, ibuprofen (Motrin and Advil) is advised against, since it may be associated with congenital heart defects when taken during the first trimester (although a dose is very unlikely to cause any damage). The alternative? Acetaminophen, sold under brand name... Read more

How Target's New Shopping Carts Are Making A Difference

newly-designed target shopping cartTarget
As of late, Target's been going above and beyond to establish itself as family-friendly. An elimination of gendered toy categories this summer sought to be more inclusive. And their supportive breastfeeding policy elicited major praise from moms. Now, the retail giant is rolling out another initiative: shopping carts better suited for kids... Read more

6 Times Dads Played Hero In These Surprise Births

Dad holding baby | Getty | blog.thebump.comGetty
The plan is usually to go to the hospital. But when babies are involved, plans can change fast. That's what one UK dad learned when his partner went into labor, never making it past their living room floor.

Martin Boyce, a part-time photographer, planned to document the birth from the hospital. When his fiancée Holly...

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Seeing Double? Watch Baby's Reaction To Seeing Dad's Twin

man emojiEmoji
There's something alarming about seeing double, especially when it's completely unexpected. And the ability to create this chaos and confusion is the greatest super power of twins. New dad Stephen Ratpojanakul and his twin brother Michael decided to put their powers of trickery to the test with 16-month-old baby Reed. Buzzfeed reports that yes, Reed had met uncle Michael... Read more

Recall Alert! Nuna ZAAZ High Chair

Nuna Zaaz high chair recallCPSC
Nuna is recalling about 5,600 of its popular ZAAZ high chairs, the CPSC announced today. The high chair's arm bar can bend or detach during use, posing a fall hazard for children. This recall comes after Nuna received 50 reports of the arm bar detaching, including six incidents in which kids fell out of the... Read more

7 Birth Photos That Clinched Top Honors (NSFW)

pregnant woman laboring in the showerApple Blossom Families
As every mom knows, birth can be emotional, messy, unpredictable and exciting, but it is always beautiful, no matter how baby arrives. The International Association for Professional Birth Photographers captured that reality, announcing the winners of its 2016 Image Competition. IAPBP founder Lyndsay Stradtner says this is the fifth year the IAPBP has held the contest.... Read more

Watch Babywearing Moms Get Down To Sugar Ray

Having a baby doesn't mean you have to give up the things you love to do. It just means finding a way to bring your family's new addition along for the ride. We've seen a babywearing pole dancer, some babywearing barre patrons, and most recently, a "breasterciser." But it's the... Read more

Little Hats, Big Hearts: February Babies Fight Heart Disease

baby in red hatNYPLawrence via Twitter
Newborns all around the country are getting into the Valentine's Day spirit. Or, more accurately, the American Heart Month spirit. To raise awareness about heart disease—the no. 1 cause of death among Americans and the leading cause of birth defects—the American Heart Association is busy knitting. This February marks the third annual Little Hats, Big Hearts project,... Read more

How Paternity Leave Benefits Mom's Career

Dad holding babyShutterstock
If moms want to climb the corporate ladder, more dads are going to have to start taking paternity leave. That's the takeaway from a new report by the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the consulting firm EY. This study analyzed data from almost 22,000 companies in 91 countries, and found companies that offer... Read more

Dad And Baby Break Guinness World Record For Half Marathon

jogging dad strollerInstagram @CalNeff
The first finisher in the Katy, Texas, half marathon last weekend? An 11-month-old girl named Holland. Dad Calum Neff, followed right behind, pushing her to victory in a jogging stroller. And with a time of 1:11:27—averaging out to 5:27 per mile—he broke the Guinness world record for a stroller half marathon in the process. Neff, a... Read more